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About The Show

Pint Size Problems is a weekly radio show broadcast Saturdays at 4pm CST on KFXR in Dallas. It was founded on the premise that the best conversations occur with a small group of people, an open mind and a cold pint. 

Trying to find the right time and place to have a conversation can be difficult and usually the loudest voices are not necessarily the ones I want to hear from. I started to notice that discussions about certain topics in person were often between like-minded people. However, I like to leave conversations having learned something or having been exposed to a new way of looking at things. 

Pint Size Problems features conversations between people about current events in a respectful forum where different life experiences, opinions and points of view

Thanks for tuning in. 

About The Host

JOSH HART also serves as the president of Red Panda Alternative Dispute Resolution, a conflict management company, located in North Texas. Josh has over ten years of experience in managing conflict and diffusing various workplace issues within large and small corporations, school districts and church communities both in Oklahoma and Texas. Among other learned skills, he is a nationally certified mediator and conflict coach who specializes in generational conflict. Josh also holds a United Nations Advanced Facilitation Training Certificate for his work as an international facilitator. Josh received his Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution from the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.