Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why the name Pint Size Problems?

A: The premise of this show is to incite conversations you could have with your friends over a pint of beer at a pub (though we’ll also be calling on some experts every now and then). Hanging out with friends at a bar to watch a game or just exchange pleasantries is great, but addressing hard to broach topics can be eye-opening and inspiring.

By no means does the title of the show mean the issues discussed are small or easily solvable. The point of the show isn’t to resolve issues, but rather bring them to mind. 

We enjoy craft beer and have found that many of the best discussions we’ve had have been among friends over a pint of beer. 

Q: What types of issues are discussed on Pint Size Problems? 

A: We cover a lot of topics on a variety of subjects from serious issues that are in the news, like Black Lives Matter or equality issues in the United States. However, we’ll also discuss issues that aren’t necessarily headlines, but are applicable to all people, such as “divorcing” a friend, education vs. experience, social obligations, etc. We are always open to suggestions for topics.

Q: How do I submit an topic for discussion? 

A: Head to our Contact page for more information. 

Q: Who is on the show?

A: The show was founded and hosted by Josh Hart and features a rotating cast of friends and acquaintances. Every now and then, special guests, like experts in a field, join in on the conversation. 

Q: Can I call in to give my opinion?

A: At this time, Pint Size Problems is recorded in advance. However, you can always join in on the conversation on our social media pages (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) @PintSizeProbs or Contact us with a suggestion and feel free to share your opinion on the subject matter at that time. 

Q: Where can I listen to the show? 

A: Tune in live to 1190 AM every Saturday at 4pm CST. If you can’t listen at that time, head to our Podcast page to catch up. 

Q: What type of beers does the cast of the show enjoy? 

A: All kinds! Dallas/Fort Worth has fantastic local beer scene that is ever-growing. Since we’re located in this area, we like to enjoy as many local brews as possible, but we also appreciate the classics, like Guinness, or the usual. We also like to discover new brews so Contact us if you have any suggestions for beers, breweries or bars you think we should check out.