Hunger in America by joshua hart

We talk with Joel Berg, a nationally recognized leader and media spokesman in the fields of domestic hunger, food security, obesity, poverty, food-related economic development, national service, and volunteerism.

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Church in Conflict by joshua hart

There is an ideology that a church should never be in conflict. However, anyone who has spent time in a church knows that this is not true. I talk with two pastors and look at their roles dealing with conflict inside the church and I ask them what role they play as pastor in conflicts that are happening inside the church and/or nationwide.

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The Presidential Inauguration Is Over. Now What? by joshua hart

These days, you can't turn on your TV or glance through social media without seeing how divided people are in this country. Today, I sit down with Dr. Benjamin Voth, an associate professor at Southern Methodist University and the director of their debate department. Dr. Voth and I talk about how Americans got to this point and where we go from here.  

You can find Dr. Voth's newest book, Social Fragmentation and the Decline of American Democracy: The End of the Social Contract by clicking here. You can also read more about this issues covered on this show at Dr. Voth's website

A Family Affair by joshua hart

This week is a special episode. I bring in my wife, my sister-in-law and her husband. We sit around the table and talk about fun family traditions and the stresses that can arise around the holidays, from relationships to gift giving. 

As can happen, there are a lot of laughs as we share our holiday memories and our most disliked Christmas songs. Hope you enjoy and have a happy holiday.

Talking Trash by joshua hart

Today, I'm chatting with Daniel Cunningham, an expert on water conservation and sustainable landscapes. We'll talk about the problems facing our ecosystem and he'll give tips on how to go a little greener without having to go too crazy.

How Can You Transform Workplace Conflict Into Collaboration by joshua hart

I talk with Robyn Short, the author of  the new book, Peace in the Workplace: Transforming Conflict Into Collaboration. Short's book is insight and guidance to help leaders and organizations understand conflict and provides strategies to navigate disagreements, manage and celebrate differences and cultivate a working environment that encourages, enables and empowers employees to thrive and pursue a life of security, dignity, and peace.

The Break Down Of Trump's Apology by joshua hart

One of my favorite professors at Southern Methodist University joins me on the show. Dr. John Potter is a professor at SMU’s school of Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management, and we talk about the apology that Donald Trump gave last week.

The Problem With Online Dating by joshua hart

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve either used (or know someone who has used) a dating app. We can be pretty certain that the reviews are mixed. I'm bringing three of my friends to talk about the pros and cons of dating apps.

While we chat, we'll be drinking some great beer in some pretty interesting cans by the Noble Rey Brewing Company

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Does Your Vote Matter? by joshua hart

Are we living in an unprecedented time in history?  If I don’t like any of the Presidential candidates, do I need to vote? These are some pressing questions that are being asked by people young and old during this election. I talk with some friends of my about whether our vote really does count.

I hope you enjoy.

The Transgender Bathroom Discussion by joshua hart

Today, my friends and I talk about the local and national issue of transgenders being able to use the bathroom of their choice.  

I spoke to Amber Briggle, who quickly changed my perception of this issue. Maybe her story will change your perception too. 

While we had our chat we drank Ballast Point's Calm Before The Storm. This cream ale with coffee and vanilla is one of my favorites. 

problems With the Music Industry. by joshua hart

I talked with local artists John and Taylor, of the O's about how the music industry has changed. We discuss the hardships of getting on the radio, social media, and trying to get signed by a record label. 

In honor of Oktoberfest, we are drinking Paulaner Oktoberfest. You can see the O's at the Lakewood Oktoberfest later this month.

Is There Value In Higher Education? by joshua hart

My friend, Billy the Kidd, and I sit down and discuss the importance of higher education. Is it worth it to go into large amounts of debt for a 4-year degree? 

Latest statics show that it takes students, on average, 21 years to pay school loans back. However, on average, you can be paid $17,000 more a year if you have a college degree. Grab a beer and listen as we discuss.

Today's featured beer is 287 Northbound, a collaboration beer between Rahr & Sons in Fort Worth, Texas and Funkwerks out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Race Relations & Black Lives Matter by joshua hart

This week four women sit down and share their stories and experiences with race relations.  This objective of this show is to raise the level of communication about these ideas, concepts, and problems in hopes that other people will continue the dialogue around a table with their friends for Coworkers.